(Cfp) Dialogue with Johanne Lamoureux : What remains of the notion of Heritage and what challenges is it facing in the 21st century?

Johanne Lamoureux, the head of research and studies at the Institut  national d’histoire de l’art in Paris (INHA), will be in dialogue in an upcoming Symposium organized by the Borel House Foundation. The subject is the question of Heritage in the 21st century and the below call for papers addresses doctoral students registered at Swiss, German or French Universities. As we had a number of international delegates at In(ter)ventions, we thought this might be of interest:

The Symposia organized by the Borel House Foundation seek to encourage
and advance exchanges of ideas and of viewpoints on all methods used in
the humanities and the social sciences. The debates are directed by a
guest scholar – an art historian, a cultural historian, a sociologist,
a historian or a museologist – and include the presentation of several
papers. The theme selected for the symposium is meant to be the object
of a critical approach; it should open up new methodical perspectives,
for the benefit of all the participants.

For the 2015 symposium, to be held on September 10, we are delighted to
be able to welcome Professor Johanne Lamoureux, from the University of
Montréal, who is presently head of research and studies at the Institut
national d’histoire de l’art in Paris (INHA). Her field of research
covers not only contemporary art, but the locus of art works, the
beginnings of modernity, and the reading and interpretation of art
works. She very much values historical as well as pluridisciplinary
approaches to the history of art. She has been a guest curator of major
exhibitions. She now works on new ways of valorizing public collections.

The call for papers is addressed to doctoral students who are
registered in a Swiss, German or French University. Their thesis topic
should pertain to the humanities (history of art, museology, history,
ethnology, literature…) or to the social sciences; subjects on all
periods are welcome. Each paper should explore how different methods
may contribute to the general theme of the symposium, the question of
Heritage and of its specificity in the 21st century.

If you should like to present a paper, please send your proposal to:
melissa.rerat@unine.ch, with the mention « Symposium Fondation Maison
Borel 2015 ». You should include:
•    1 curriculum vitae with full address and email address ;
•    1 proposal for a paper in French or in English with a title (2’000
signs maximum, footnotes and spaces included, PDF format).

Deadline : June 15, 2015.

Further inquiries may be directed to: Ketty Villemin, administrator,
Institute for art history and Museology. By mail :
ketty.villemin@unine.ch, or by telephone, on Tuesdays or Thursdays :
+41 32 718 19 30.
Organisation :
Prof. Pascal Griener
Melissa Rérat (melissa.rerat@unine.ch)
Ketty Villemin (ketty.villemin@unine.ch)Institute for art history and
museology, University of Neuchâtel

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