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In(ter)ventions: Object Histories Outside and Inside the Museum

A British Museum CDA Student-Led WorkshopPOT
Thursday 12th February 2015, 9am – 5.30pm


9.00am Arrive and register

9.30am Opening remarks

9.45am Keynote

Arthur MacGregor, Title TBC

10.30am Session 1

Leah Clark, Open University, “Making Impressions: the Replication and Transformation of Ancient Gems in the Fifteenth-Century”

Victoria Jackson, University of Birmingham, “The Second-Life Histories of Devotional Objects: From Revered Reliquaries to Curated Curios”

Natalie Lawrence, University of Cambridge, “Trade plumes and fallen angels: the museological careers of birds of paradise skins”

11.30am Tea

11.45am Session 2

Miriam Al-Jamil, King’s College London, “The Townley Collection”

Mark Carnall, Grant Museum of Zoology, University College London, “Casting Call”

12.30pm Lunch and poster display

1.45pm Session 3

Bridget Millmore, Brighton University, “Of small intrinsic value: an Exploration of the Biographies of Eighteenth-Century Love Tokens Crafted from Copper Coins”

Tom Hockenhull, Coins and Medals, British Museum, “Telling Histories Through Things: Suffragette Defaced Coins and the British Museum”

2.30pm Session 4

Barbara Tomlinson, National Maritime Museum, “What Shall We Do With Our Nicobar Islands Scare-Devil?”

Emma Martin, Asia Collections, National Museums Liverpool, “A Meaningful Mantelpiece: Tibetan Book Covers and Their Repurposing in a Colonial Officer’s Home”

Rachel Burns, University College London, “Saga hwaet ic hatte (say what I am called): Unriddling Anglo-Saxon Objects in the Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Gallery of the British Museum”

3.30pm Tea

3.45pm Session 5

Dora Thornton, Britain, Europe and Prehistory, British Museum, “The Holy Thorn Reliquary”

Ann Bukantas, National Museums Liverpool, “Artist Interventions in the Walker Art Gallery”

David Francis, Learning, Volunteers and Audiences, British Museum, “Archaeology and Aesthetics: Changing Narratives in British Museum Blockbuster Viking Exhibitions 1980-2013”

4.45pm Discussion and closing remarks

5.30pm Exit and continue the conversation in a pub

Download programme as pdf: In(ter)ventions Programme

Image: © The Trustees of the British Museum
Kettle Hat of Iron subsequently fitted with an iron handle and a long iron suspension chain, for use as a cooking pot. BM 1856,0701.2243

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