In(ter)ventions: Object Histories Outside and Inside the Museum

A British Museum CDA Student-Led Workshop
Raymond and Beverly Sackler Rooms, British Museum, Thursday 12th February, 9am-5.30pm

Reliquary of gold, richly enamelled and set with rubies, pearls and sapphires. © The Trustees of the British Museum, BM WB.67

Naomi and Felicity are excited to announce that registration has now opened for the In(ter)ventions workshop, which will explore how objects have been used, changed and repurposed over the course of their existence.  Speakers include Journal of the History of Collections editor Dr Arthur MacGregor, as well as researchers and curators discussing a wide variety of objects from the British Museum (and a couple more which aren’t in the museum…).  You can view the full programme here.  Registration closes at 5pm on 5 February 2015.

To book your place at the workshop, please go to the In(ter)ventions Eventbrite page.  Tickets cost £11.25, which includes lunch and refreshments.  On the day, registration will start at 9am and attendees should bring their ticket with them to the registration desk inside the Sackler Rooms of the British Museum.  Attendees with any special dietary or mobility requirements can list these in advance through Eventbrite, and the organisers will do their best to accommodate them.  For any further information, please contact


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